My Story

My daughter was nearly 2 years old and I’d been a full time mummy for 669 days! (I wasn’t counting of course!). The extent of my mental stimulation was remembering and reciting nursery rhymes and singing the alphabet song 30 times a day.

The need to find a means of income that was more satisfying and rewarding than a ‘job’ but without the commitment and time needed to dedicate to a ‘career’ was essential (only later did I realise that any business you run yourself involves an incredible amount of your time, commitment, dedication… blood, sweat & tears!)

My rules

1. My daughter comes first so it has to fit around her (sorry to spoil the sorry but I failed on this lots of times! But it’s okay she still loves me and I learnt a big lesson about what’s important in my life).

2. I must have passion for it & love doing it. Luckily this is easy if you choose the most obvious path, and the bits you don’t love (because there will be some) –  outsource!

My love of events

Well after 5 years of writing plans in my ‘Business Ideas’ book (which I still treasure today) I came up with the concept of The Beauty Event. This little idea actually turned out to be pretty big! After an exciting launch event at Hotel Du Vin in May 2012 I went on to host many events over Bristol including The Pamper Area at Women Outside The Box festival in the autumn of 2012 & 2013.

The only niggle was…. my number 1 rule was being broken! (By then I had 2 little people in my life, my son was 2 and my daughter 6). Anyone who works in events and especially management of events where the sole responsibility for every aspect of the event is down to one person: YOU! It’s a tough job and to say its a rollercoaster ride is an understatement.

Tough Decisions

In May 2014 the 2nd anniversary of TBE we celebrated with The Merrymaking Festival. A wonderful family event full of hands on activities, craft, live music, afternoon tea, an amazing line-up of speakers and all my favourite exhibitors too. This was the last event in the TBE journey. I’d made a decision to choose my family over the rollercoaster.

During those last few months I’d done a lot of soul searching as to what I could possibly do next on the path of life. All along it was staring me in the face! Without me even recognising people’s interest in my social media skills my next business was sowing seeds all over the place!

Sarah Cook-71.jpg

New beginnings

Exhibitors and therapists often asked me for tips and advice on how they could use Facebook to let more people know about their business and ultimately get more bookings. Looking back the opportunity had been there a while, but I guess I needed a few more clues before I could actually ‘see it’.

I don’t like to hang about and once my mind is made up I’m 110% focused on ensuring it happens. Seven days after TBE’s last appearance SHC Social Media was born and within the first week I had three clients!

I do have to admit that rule no.1 is still being broken on occasion but that’s because of rule no.2! As long as you have a burning desire at the core of your business that will keep the fire alight then your sole objective then is to just keep that passion in check!

I am incredibly grateful for my success in my new business venture and would measure this based on 4 reasons, which can apply to any business. Find out what these reasons are in my blog.